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IRS Income Tax Help

Friday, February 11th, 2011

IRS federal income tax help is available to taxpayers from multiple sources that range from IRS help phone lines, help web sites, walk-in offices, and even U.S. taxpayer advocate service for more complicated and involved or ongoing tax issues. IRS income tax is to be reported by taxpayers and tax-exempt organizations to communicate their financial information both income and expenditure to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States of America. Tax returns are the way to report income, exemptions that are sought so as to calculate the taxes to be paid to the federal government of the United States of America. It is important for all taxpayers to know that individuals and businesses in all 50 states pay federal income tax and residents of 41 states also pay state tax but there are nine states that have no state income tax at all.

The U.S. Taxpayer Advocate Service is an independent organization that works within the IRS that has the responsibility of assisting taxpayers who are experiencing economic harm, or those who are in need of help in resolving tax issues that they have not been able to resolve through regular channels, or for those who believe that an IRS system or procedure is not working as it is meant to for them. Individuals and organizations go through a lot of hoops to avoid taxes by the legal utilization of the tax regime to their advantage, with the purpose of reducing the amount of tax that is payable to the United States government by ways and means that are within the law. However a large number of tax evaders also exist that use a vast amount of efforts to not pay taxes to the IRS via illegal means. IRS income tax gap comes from taxpayers who either overstate expenses or under report income either intentionally or not. It is the moral responsibility of every income tax payer to report their income correctly and pay taxes accordingly.

Tax amnesties are government programs that allow taxpayers a short period of some extra time to pay evaded taxes without any penalties or prosecution. Although participation is voluntary in an amnesty program the government will met out stiffer punishment if a tax evader chooses to participate but fails to pay in the extended time period and is caught later. The Internet has revolutionized the way business is conducted all over the world be it government business or private. Similarly the internet has made it possible for tax payers and preparers to prepare and file IRS income tax returns online which is a huge help and convenient way to file income tax or get help to file income tax. IRS e-file and e-pay easy service is a major factor that has helped and hence created loyal, satisfied private and business clients..