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Advantages of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Small businesses have a lot of tax filing requirements that have to be met, from filling out specific forms to keeping thorough records on everything. At times, the whole process can be very frustrating. Therefore, small business financial consulting with CPA is a great way to relieve the stress and make sure everything is filed correctly.

One of the most important advantages of having a certified public accountant for financial consulting is that they take over the tedious, frustrating work of crunching the numbers and keeping expenses and profits organized. This allows small business owners to focus on more important things, like running their businesses. Whereas keeping up with things like this can be very frustrating for some individuals, CPAs are trained to do it, so it’s second nature to them. As long as they’re provided with the data, they can keep track of it in order to show the important information a business needs for tax preparation and for the day to day practices of running a business.

Another important service a certified public accountant provides is avoiding audits. While a CPA can’t guarantee you won’t be audited, they can make sure your tax papers are all correct and error-free. This is one aspect of ensuring that you’re not targeted for an audit by the IRS. They also have the unique ability of looking at the entire financial picture rather than simply focusing on just one aspect. This is priceless, because they can use the information they receive to give you advice about the way your business is performing and different moves you can take to improve profits or reduce expenses.

Finally, with small business financial accounting, a certified public accountant can help you fully understand the numbers and what they mean. This gives you a unique advantage in business, and it can actually help improve your business. When you communicate with your CPA, you can learn a lot, without having to do the tedious job that your CPA is handling for you.

When it comes to small business finances, it’s more than just saving receipts and adding up profits. Having a CPA can help ensure that your numbers are thoroughly organized and that your business is on the up and up with the IRS.

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How to Get an Online Accounting Degree

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

There are many online courses to get an online accounting degree without attending any schools. Accounting is a vital part of any business to keep track of business finances and for personal finances. All industries need an accountant for this purpose. However, not just anyone is qualified for the job. Accounting is a field that calls for certification or a degree.

Those who have jobs may not have time to attend a campus so an online accounting degree is ideal for them. Attending the typical college campus may seem boring and unnecessary to them since they have met or surpassed the requirements. They will view it as a waste of money and time to take a class that is not needed. This can lead to lack of motivation and frustration. Many online accounting degree programs address this problem by permitting them to take tests to show their abilities and test out of a required class yet still get the required credits. It gives them the chance to advance faster through the class and get their degree sooner. Taking classes online also allows the student more time flexibility to hold a full time or part time job.

Most online degree programs have increased in popularity because they are less expensive than traditional colleges. Online certification programs are less expensive because they remove the necessity of a formal classroom and the teacher pupil ratio is greater. Grants and tuition aid programs can lower the cost even more. It is easier to budget since you pay for only the classes you need in contrast to paying for several classes at once.

Your next step is to find the right school to get an online accounting degree. Here is a checklist to follow when selecting an online school. The school should be accredited. Choose a course that follows the guidelines of the Fundamentals of Bookkeeping program or The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. If you already have credits with another school, find out if they are able to transfer credits. The school should furnish the most current technology to the industry.

A majority of virtual classes apply websites, forums, email, videos, and audio. Choose a school that lets you learn at your own pace and provides a trained faculty. Ask what financial options they offer like student loans or scholarship programs. A personal adviser will help you with enrollment details and with the selection of subjects, so take advantage if the service is offered.

As you can see, online accounting degree programs can be extremely beneficial. It is not only less expensive but also more convenient and flexible. Picking the correct school is something to think about carefully. It is suggested to read reviews before you apply to any school.