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UK Accounting Review

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

UK  Accounting Review* is pleased to publish original scholarly papers across the whole spectrum of accounting and finance. The journal is eclectic and pluralistic and contributions are welcomed across a wide range of research methodologies (e.g. analytical, archival, experimental, survey and qualitative case methods) and topics (e.g. financial accounting, management accounting, finance and financial management, auditing, public sector accounting, social and environmental accounting; accounting education and accounting history), evidence from UK and non-UK sources are equally acceptable. Each paper will be judged according to international standards within its topic area, the originality of its contribution, its relevance to development of the subject and its quality of exposition. All papers are subject to a minimum of double blind refereeing.
* The official journal of the UK Accountants

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Keep Your Books Up To Date

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

Maintaining meaningful and reliable bookkeeping is not an easy task it’s one of that task that can make your successful business harder for you to run. Like every problem have its solution, keeping up bookkeeping also have its way out.

Following are the 4 helpful tips that I’ve learned:

    • A rule of the thumb for every business is to separate your personal and business expenses. The hassling process of bookkeeping will dodge you in its complicated process that you’ll regret you’ve not organized your invoices. So it always recommended keeping all your business and personal bank account separately. It will save time and efforts.


    • You cannot manage your accounts and books all by yourself, you need to hire or outsource a professional who provides you reliable bookkeeping services. I can truly understand that being a small business owner we work hard for every single penny and don’t want to spend on the tasks that we can do. But honestly we can’t manage book and take new initiatives for our business growth at the same time we can either focus on our business objectives or be an accountant of our own business. So it’s better to hire or outsource professionals who know their jobs better than us. So be organized and get technical assistance for your taxes.


    • Employees are the assets of the company. You need to keep track of your workforce, track and keep up your Labor expense. Verify that you’re tracing the all the costs related to the labor i.e. benefits and perks, the cost of wage, overtime and some other expenses connected with work. To maintain an appropriate employee data will help you to make a healthier decision for your business. All the documents related to employees should be organized before the tax day.


  • If you’re not tracking your invoices and customers payments then start doing it now, because if you’re not keeping an appropriate record of it then you need to bear the consequences of unpaid invoices, your late or missed payments, or the time duration of the customers’ payments with whom you have difficulties in collecting payments previously. So track all your invoices and ensure that they are accurately taken onto the system so you know what amount you have to receive/ pay and from whom. It’s always advisable to outsource a reliable bookkeeping services for your business to help you to save time and efforts.