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Archive for March, 2011

IRS Tax Help

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

IRS tax help refers to the free tax help offered by IRS. It is considered as the easiest way to get tax help. Every tax year, Americans shell out $7.5 billion to get help from tax professionals to prepare their tax returns. IRS tax help is meant for those people who find it difficult to calculate the complex tax entries. Many IRS offices in the United States offer walk-in tax help for technical or tax questions about various tax forms and tax returns. This helps the common people to ask the IRS officials and clear any doubts regarding tax preparation or tax deductions.

IRS tax help was introduced with the aim to assist people to accurately prepare their tax returns. IRS officials assist the taxpayers with payroll tax, sales tax, income tax, and employment tax problems. This has become a major advantage for the people as they can prepare their tax returns without the help of a tax advisor or tax preparation software. IRS also sponsors volunteer tax help programs such as community outreach tax education program, tax counseling for the elderly program, and volunteer income tax assistance program. These free programs held at various IRS offices provide a step-by-step help in preparing your tax returns.

IRS tax help officials can also suggest the amount of tax you need to pay to avoid being charged with tax evasion. They also assist you in applying for a refund in cases where you paid any excess tax. Every year, many people benefit from the IRS tax help programs. Check the federal government listings in the telephone book to find out your nearest IRS office location. Here, you can take advantage of any of the IRS tax help programs to prepare your own tax returns without having to pay a tax advisor or tax professional..

The Best Small Business Accounting Software

Monday, March 14th, 2011

With a good small business accounting software program, you can still manage your cash flow hands on, without spending too much time. A few clicks here and there, and you can forecast revenues, pay bills, and generate reports. But what functionalities should you look for in accounting software? What do you really need and what can you do without? Read on for some tips.

Look for user-friendly software. Choose accounting software with an interface that resembles its traditional paper counterparts so that you can immediately navigate your way around it. The more familiar the layout of the software is to you, the easier you can intuitively explore its functionalities.

Internet and e-commerce features can also be important. If your small business relies on sales and orders via the worldwide web, you definitely need accounting software that seamlessly connects to e-Commerce functionalities. Find something that you can easily hook up to your bank’s online payment portal, for example, so you can automatically track payments made to you and bills you have to pay.

Search for compatibility with frequently used programs. If most of your records are Windows based, find small business accounting software that easily synchronizes with Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office applications. Such a feature will let you integrate your existing records without the risk of corrupting data. There are also specialty accounting software programs available for other platforms.

Examine the professional reports included in the software. Beware of some software packages that can generate hundreds of kinds of reports – you probably won’t use more than half of them, so why pay the extra price? Concentrate on essential reports instead, such as statements needed for tax filing and time-billing reports, if you use such.

There are other extras worth considering. If your business is quickly expanding, it might be a good idea to invest in expandable, multiple-user accounting software that integrates payroll functionalities, inventory tracking, job costing, and other productivity features. These types cost a little more, but are definitely necessary for any fast-growing small business..